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Over time, methods and approaches to promoting sites and increasing profits from them change. There are new ways to attract targeted traffic. By combining methods of SEO promotion with the launch of contextual advertising, active PR and promotion of groups in social networks. networks (the so-called SMM – marketing) can achieve tremendous results in a very short period. Proper advertising is everything now. Henry Ford once said, “If I had $4, I would spend $3 on advertising.” Now this is especially important. Therefore, the correct combination of promotion and advertising methods makes it possible to get results much earlier and make the business much more efficient, then the return on investment will come much faster.

If you want to learn more about all the promotion, design or copywriting services provided by the WEDEX agency, you can call us or leave a request to our manager and get all the answers to your questions.

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About the agency

Many years of work in the market for the provision of complex website promotion services has allowed the agency to occupy its niche in this area and find its own style and methods of cooperation with clients.

In addition to a huge experience in site promotion, such a quality as professional curiosity is also added. It’s no secret that search technologies and trends in the world of e-commerce are changing very quickly – that’s why we constantly follow the latest news in the world of SEO promotion. This means that all work with your site will be performed only for its growth, and not just “for show”.

Briefly about the agency:

  1. Experience. Some employees worked in the field of marketing and promotion of the site even before the existence of the WEDEX agency. Some SEO specialists have about 10 years of experience, many started as apprentices in other firms.
  2. Customer focus. We always listen to the opinion of the client. Your vision of the site is important to us, and we will correct it and together we can create the perfect product. Also, when planning a promotion complex, we take into account your wishes and ideas as much as possible.
  3. Transparent costs. We are always ready to account for all the money we spend. You can ask your personal manager for a financial report at any time, and he will issue it in the shortest possible time.
  4. Accessibility. All services, services and plug-ins are registered to the client’s accounts. Therefore, if you wish, you can control all the stages and check the relevance of all the data provided – there will be no “pig in a poke”.
  5. Reporting. All reports on progress and expenses are written as clearly and simply as possible, so that even a person with no experience can figure it out. All completed tasks with infographics from services are provided in one file.
  6. White methods. In website promotion, we do not use black (gray) SEO. Thanks to this, we guarantee that your site will not be penalized.
  7. Relevance. All specialists in the company follow the latest trends and achievements in their field, so only the most relevant methods and methods for promotion and optimization are used to promote websites.
  8. High speed and payback. When developing a promotion strategy, we do what will give the maximum result in the minimum time. Therefore, the plan is drawn up only after analyzing the site in order to understand its strengths and weaknesses.

The agency guarantees the completion of all tasks within the specified time frame. Also, the great experience of our specialists allows us to find your weaknesses and highlight the strengths of competitors. A well-designed promotion and promotion plan will give a good result even at low costs, and we will be able to accurately prioritize.

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FAQ - Find out more about our company's services

1. What experience do you have in complex website promotion?

Our agency has been promoting websites for more than 8 years, setting up contextual and targeted advertising for more than 5 years. We are a certified Google Partners agency.

2. How do I get a free marketing consultation for my business?

You can leave a request on our website, order a call or call +38(095)848-50-98.

3. Why choose your agency?

We will do an SEO audit of your site for free. We provide free SEO consultation. An integrated approach and marketing strategy specifically for your business! Guaranteed to increase targeted traffic and site visibility in search engines. We are in the top 6 best SEO agencies in Ukraine in 2020