Wedex Earns Its First Five — Star Review on Clutch

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The online advertising industry is a paradox. Companies have a more direct line to reach their customers than ever before but also have a harder time reaching them because of all the competition. Wedex began as a team that can help businesses break through that noise and are always looking for ways to do it better.

This is why we decided to begin to seriously invest in cultivating better relations with our clients and ask for their feedback regarding our work. We believe that this method is the most direct path of improving our craft and delivering what our market actually wants. Because it doesn’t matter what we think will work, only what the client sees is actually working.

It is because of this reason that we are thrilled to share that we have just earned our first review on the B2B platform Clutch and it has a five-star rating.
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This particular project involved an animation studio that wanted to identify any weak points in their website. Their main goal is to improve their SEO efforts and employ more efficient methods of attracting traffic via organic search.
They brought us in to perform a deep analysis of their platform and answer all their questions about it. Based on the score they gave us, they seemed to truly like what we had to say about their site as well as our recommendations.
Web audits depend on a number of different factors coming together in order to become successful. Through our near decade of experience, we’ve refined our skills and identified areas that help maximize positive results.
Our white-hat methodologies guarantee significant increases in targeted traffic. Since the data we work with is always above board, our reporting is always clear and complete. Our comprehensive approach includes free audits of both SEO and advertising campaigns.
These elements and more are what we truly believe are what will lead us to becoming recognized as a leading agency in the near future. But there is more work left to be done and the continued patronage and support of our clients will be our medium to success.
We encourage everyone to visit our website and learn more about the services that we offer. If you like what you see, please talk to our team directly through our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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